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Insightful review in OFF SCREEN by Randolph Jordan. Thorough critique ends:

“...Canadian works get washed over in American curriculum, and that Vancouver works get the same treatment in Canadian curriculum. To properly argue that the Vancouver work deserves a place at these tables, more comparative analysis, historical context, and Vancouver-specific storytelling is required. But as a first step towards this goal, Richard Martin’s Backbone is essential viewing.”

Off Screen review

Richard Martin in conversation with Lindsay McIntyre and audience for screening at The Cinematheque (Vancouver) March 26 2018

Publication for DGC BC Director’s Showcase presentation of BackBone documentary

Hollywood North Magazine


Richard Martin discusses his new documentary​


Backbone revives local experimental film

The Straight

Backbone brings Vancouver's film history into focus at DOXA

North Shore News

Six flicks to see at DOXA 

 The Vancouver Sun


NW Film Centre Newsroom interviews Richard Martin

Newsroom Blog


Richard Martin in conversation with Lindsay McIntyre - Richard Martin
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