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Richard Martin - Producer/Director

At 14, Richard Martin saw the work of experimental filmmaker David Rimmer. Films such as Variations on a Cellophane Wrapper and Surfacing on the Thames left their mark. By 1980, Martin was exploring his own experimental path. Gene Youngblood, author of the avant-garde manifesto Expanded Cinema wrote of his film Diminished, “A delicately structured non-verbal poem about loss, time and memory, closer in style to Michael Snow or Hollis Frampton than to Alain Resnais … A documentary of the heart”. The film appeared at Ann Arbor and Toronto.

Around this time, Martin decided to step into narrative work. He has directed seven features including North of Pittsburgh (1992) which was nominated for seven Genie Awards. As a television director, he has worked on series DaVinci’s Inquest, Highlander and many more.

In 2005, Martin returned to his experimental roots and produced Mixed Signals which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and screened at 30 festivals including Oberhausen and Toronto International Film Festival. He has created several more films including the 2016 award-winning ABCAM. He continues to tour with BackBone in North America and recently Europe.

William Fritzberg - Camera/Co-Producer

Long before I met Richard or went to film school, I had my own - unknowing relationship to experimental film. I would spend hours observing the world through a digital camera, finding formal qualities to frame up or capturing patterns in the act of unfolding. However, unlike the filmmakers spotlighted in this project, the means with which I was able to capture that motion was very different.

In my young career as a video creator and facilitator, I’ve only shot on film once and that experience has left a lasting impression. I am humbled and enchanted by the characters in this documentary and see many parallels to my own creative process and the endless, poetic possibilities of the cinematic language.

William Fritzberg is a jack-of-all-trades videographer, editor and travelogue filmmaker who splits his time between Bellingham and Vancouver.

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